Gringo, Dingo, Bingo, Ringo, and Ca’Chingo

Okay so, do you like the title of my article there? I thought you might, I had fun thinking it up the other day while driving, but I want to tell the story behind it. You see, our local Indian reservation, and let me tell you these folks live much better than most middle class Americans have a huge casino along the Freeway; I-10 in California. It’s a huge draw for the area and so everyone is very happy, especially the wealthy American Indians here.

Now then, they have slot machines, limited gambling, and Bingo too. They bus in people from all over for the great shows, fine dining, and just to have fun – it’s all good right? Now then, the other day, I was listening to the radio while tootling around town and one of the Indian Casinos nearby was announcing a new restaurant opening in their casino named Ca’Chin-go! That is very creative indeed, and it would lend itself well to branding and advertising campaigns.

Think about it? What’s in a name? Well, everything if you do it right, and it hardly matters what type of business you are in, it needs to be fun, descriptive, and energizing – just like Ca’Chin-go is, so “Don’t be a Dingo, Come on Over to Ca’Chin-go!” or “You Don’t Have to Sing Like Ringo, to Enjoy Yourself a Ca’Chingo!” Think of all the possibilities for jingles and advertising.

Let this be a lesson to all entrepreneurs – think about what you are doing, and plan a good brand-able name, one you can live with, one which will get headlines, and one which draws people in. Please consider all this.